Our Lady Of The Cedars 
Maronite Catholic Church



Our Mission

Our Lady of the Cedars Maronite Catholic Church is dedicated to the preservation of its Syriac Antiochene Catholic faith and heritage to the culture traditions of Christians from Lebanon and many other parts of the Middle East. 

Our Lady of the Cedars is committed to spread the message of God, to radiate His love and to seek His guidance relying on His providence.

Our Lady of the Cedars opens its heart and doors to all who seek the Lord.  It offers them a home where they lift their voices in praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty God.

Through various programs and activities, Our Lady of the Cedars strives to serve the needy, comfort the sorrowful, visit the sick, practicing all the various corporal and spiritual works of mercy remembering the word of Christ love your neighbor as yourself.




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