Parish Council

The Parish Council is formed to offer its best advice to the priest for the good of the Parish. It is an advisory body whose decisions are not binding on the priest or the community. The priest is always the decision maker on the local level; the Eparchial Bishop has the final say in all matters.

  • Dr. Gabriel Habib (President)
  • Mr. Milad Felefle (Vice President)
  • Dr.  Nicolas Nammour (Secretary)
  • Mr. Joseph Abboud
  • Mr. Roger Abou-Nassif 
  • Mrs. Suzanne Dib
  • Mr. Dolan Dow
  • Mrs. Raquel George
  • Mr. Roger Harb
  • Mr. Salim Joubran
  • Mr. Nadra Maakaroun
  • Mr. Fadi Matta
  • Mr. Zack Raffoul
  • Mr. Alberto Saba