Workshop 10:

Faith Within Success

Speaker: Philippe Ziade, Entrepreneur
Date and Time: Saturday, July 14 at 9:00am – 12:00 noon


Speaker's Bio:
Philippe Ziade is a self-made entrepreneur who pursued an engineering degree at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas after emigrating from Lebanon in 1998. He is the founder and board member of Growth Holding which covers real estate, construction, technology, hospitality, gaming, and entertainment. Along with other successful companies that he founded, he has been awarded with the #1 Real Estate Professional Nationally for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate for 2011.

Workshop Summary:
Mr. Ziade will present a testimonial of how he has integrated faith within his success throughout his journey from Lebanon to the United States. He will share his spiritual and personal blessings, along with the challenges he faced along his journey to success.