Workshop 7:

Express Your Faith with Hip Hop

Speaker: Sammy Argumaniz
Date and Time: Friday, Jul 13 at 10:30 am - 12:00 pm   and   3:30 pm – 5:00 pm


Speaker's Bio:
Sammy Argumaniz is a product of persistent and humble youth ministry, owing his beginnings in ministry to parish and diocesan retreats. His passions are Catholic Social Teaching, Missionary Discipleship, and the power of spoken word and hip-hop in youth ministry.

This best describes the last decade of ministry for “Sammy Blaze”.  His musical projects represent his first love and gift to the service of the church through hip-hop.  Sammy has been performing and prophesizing for over 14 years with no sign of stopping. During that time his artistic progression has grown to include spoken word performances and other collaborations.  Full of passion, creative artistry, and raw authenticity, Sammy Blaze is ready to entertain and inspire through music at our NAM Convention.

Workshop Summary:
Youth seek answers to life’s tough questions, especially in religiosity. How can I be faithful and still “find myself”?  How do I maintain my faith given today’s temptations? How can I share my faith and not come across as “too religious”? Sammy is here to help answer those tough questions.