Advertise in the Commemorative Book

tell 1,200+ parishioners about your business

deadline: June 1, 2018

Every year, the NAM National Convention distributes a Commemorative Ad Book in which businesses advertise to more than 1,200 conventioneers. Because everything is bigger in Texas, we are planning for a larger than usual attendance this year. Don't miss the opportunity to expose your business while also contributing to the success of this fundraising event.


advertise or honor a loved one:

  • Diamond Sponsor          $2,500
    1 full page, colored, diamond frame, featured on the sponsor wall and digital screen
  • Gold Sponsor                  $1,500
    1 full page, colored, golden frame, featured on the digital screen
  • Silver Sponsor                 $750
    1 full page, colored, silver frame
  • Bronze Sponsor              $500
    1 full page, colored, bronze frame
  • Full Page Black and White              $300
  • Half Page Black and White             $200
  • Quarter Page Black and White       $100


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