Silver and Gold Massabki Award Recipients

The highest honors bestowed on NAM members are the Silver and Gold Massabki Awards, which are presented annually. These awards are named after three martyred Maronite Brothers of Damascus, Francis, Abdel Mohti and Raphael, who refused to renounce their faith. The awards are bestowed on members of the apostolate who have contributed extraordinarily of their time, talent, and treasure on a parish, regional or national level.

The silver Massabki Award is given on the parish level, while the prestigious Gold Massabki Award is given on national level (one per Eparchy) to one individual or a married couple and is always presented at the national convention. 

In Houston they are:

  • 2019 Silver: Roger and Charlotte Abou Nassif

  • 2019 Silver: Zack and Jenny Raffoul

  • 2018 Silver: Joseph and Carole Zehri

  • 2017 Silver: Kal and Linda Koussa

  • 2016 Silver: Nadra and Liliane Maakaroun

  • 2015 Silver: Said and Melanie Tannous

  • 2014 Silver: Elias and Myrna Georges

  • 2013 Silver: Joseph and Noelle Rouhana

  • 2012 Silver: Nabil and Rita Joubran

  • 2011 Silver: Tony and Suzanne Dib

  • 2010 Silver: Alberto and Lynn Tohme

  • 2008 Silver: Joseph and Anastasia Abboud

  • 2007 Silver: Joseph and Melanie Dow

  • 2006 Silver: Chuck and Eliana Abou Jaoude

  • 1998 Silver: Georges and Bosra Mouawad

  • 1997 Silver: Salim Joubran

  • 1996 Silver: Toufic Daniel

  • 1993 Silver: Widad Rizk