Continuing Christian Education (CCE)

our mission

The CCE program at Our Lady of the Cedars Maronite Catholic Church, is a Catechetical program, which provides learning and spiritual growth, in a well-balanced, structured classroom setting, and through various spiritual, educational, and recreational activities.

Our purpose is to educate our youth about the Bible, the basic Catholic teachings, and the rich Maronite heritage, therefore leading them into a deeper understanding of the faith, a stronger commitment to the Church, and a closer and personal relationship with Christ.

Our CCE classes are open to ages 4 - 18 (Pre-K - High School).

The CCE registration form can be found and downloaded here. For 3rd grade registration, please use this form.

2018-2019 registration

2018-2019 Schedule

Please click here for 2018-2019 CCE class and event schedule.

contact us

If you need additional information or have questions please contact Samantha Georges.